The Opponent

The Opponent

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Recipe!

Yummy Yummy Yummy! 

I went to spin class tonight, the 6:45, which is also known as Disco Spin. They turn off all the lights and turn on these florescent disco lights that flash to the beat of the music. The work out was killer. So naturally I developed a killer appetite. I am going to call this one "Vegan Disco Delight"

Chippolini (spelling) Onion, grated
Artichoke Hearts, Diced
Garlic, grated
Sun dried tomatoes, diced
Olive Oil
Splash Chicken Stock
1 can crushed fire roasted tomatoes
chili flake
3 tbl. Mimicream
splash sugar (agave would work also_
Let simmer, toss with egg noodle, and top with toasted pine nuts, and chives!


  1. So... I am now officially starving!!! Can't wait to try this. You are awesome - you might have to think of a good Vegan Valentine's Day delish dish.... a "Loving Spoonfull" for your honey. Adore you!

  2. I never did doubt you would kick ass and take names. This is awesome, I am going to go check it our. xoxoxo I will see you in a couple short months mama!