The Opponent

The Opponent

Friday, January 1, 2010

Success Story

So it is early Saturday morning (12:32 AM to be exact), and I just got off work. I work at a bar and grill in town, and I do enjoy the food we serve. Our head chef enjoys the same things I do, DAIRY. Many, in fact, the majority of our food includes butter, sour cream, or milk of some kind. 
The challenge:
Find something on the menu that sounded appealing, and that was in the new confines of my resolution.
 The result:
A blackened sashimi sandwich with a creole tartar, and yes, I checked the recipes before I ordered it. Dairy free.
Success! Go me!

My Resolution

Last night at 12:00 AM, I became a dairy free girl for exactly 365 days. This may not seem very hard to some, but consider this...
I have for 23 years been consuming dairy, sour cream, butter, cream cheese, milk, yogurt, cheese, cheese, and more cheese. I love to cook, it is my passion, every recipe I create most likely includes some sort of dairy product. I love whip cream, and grilled cheese sandwiches, mexican food, and italian are among some of my favorites... one may say, I have never met a dairy product that I didn't like. 
So why did I decide to take on this challenge?
I have never been a person who is out of shape, I love sports, and running outside, so my love of cheese has never been a problem until recently. This is my last year of college, and I am working full time, life has become rather hectic, and getting to the gym has gotten lower and lower on my to do list. Cutting dairy will be a great way to cut unnecessary fats out of my diet, as well as unneeded calories; it will also (you will enjoy this Mom) help lower my cholesterol. 
Second, I have been getting sick more and more lately, colds mostly, and they last for months on end. The coughing is getting a little out of control, and I would like to be able to sleep through a night without waking up with flem in my throat.  Eliminating dairy, will (hopefully) help eliminate this problem. 
Lastly, I love a challenge.
So, day one is half way over, and there are only 364 and a half days left.

Wish me luck!